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Master Facebook Ads from Beginner to Advance to boost your business and career growth!

Learn the exact strategies and frameworks used in ads spend of over ₹200Cr and  ₹400+ Cr of generated revenue.
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Since I don’t want to waste your time persuading you to join this masterclass…Let me come straight to the point!

Who is this Program for?
Marketing Professionals
Working Professionals
Small Business Owners
Digital Marketing Freshers
Social Media Marketers

Marketing Freelancers

What will you Learn in the Program?

Still Wondering If the Program is for YOU?

You know how to run ads but lack the strategic expertise to move forward in your Facebook ads journey.
You are a newbie into marketing and want to learn the power of Facebook ads.
Your Facebook ads were working before, but now they are not.
You read a lot on the internet, but do not know what works and what doesn’t.
As a business owner, you want to know if your Facebook ads team is telling the truth.
You want to start charging premium rates as a marketing freelancer.

You want to switch from a product/data analytics role to a marketing role and Facebook ads seem to be the right match for you.

Meet your Trainer:

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I work as a Global Digital Marketing Lead at Udemy, where I am heading global channel marketing to drive new user acquisition and D2C growth in North America and APAC regions. My role revolves around managing INR 200 Crores yearly budget across paid channels to maximize top and bottom line ROI and LTV/CAC. In my previous roles, I have worked with Greatlearning and Publicis Media where I handled many Indian and global brands and generated around INR 400 Crores+ revenue.

Here's The Sneak Peek Into The Course

Lesson 1:

Introduction & your roadmap to Becoming a pro Facebook Ads Expert in 2023

Lesson 2:

How to create a Meta Business Page & optimize it

Lesson 3:

Which Objective to select to get maximum results depending on Product or service you are advertising.

Lesson 4:

RTM strategy to Select the Right Audience Targeting & relevant interests while running Interests.

Lesson 5:

Which Placements to select for what type of Products/Services to get optimum conversions.

Lesson 6:

Strategies to determine right Budget & Scheduling your Meta Ads in advance.

Lesson 7:

How to make converting Ad Creative & understanding the science behind best performing Ad Creatives?

Lesson 8:

Showing you behind the scenes of a running Live Meta Ad Campaigns

Lesson 9:

Creating a Custom Audience List with Database

Lesson 10:

How to create Pixel and Pixel lists and make the most out of Pixel data.

Lesson 11:

What is Lookalike Audience and how to use it to maximize ROAS

Lesson 12:

Setting up a system to track your conversions accurately.

Lesson 13:

Hacks to make cool & converting Banners in Just 2 minutes.

Lesson 14:

4 Hour intense workshop on Meta ads for E-commerce business. Part – 1

Lesson 15:

4 Hour intense workshop on Meta ads for E-commerce business Part – 2

Lesson 16:

Creating a live Meta Ads Re-Targeting Ad Campaign

Lesson 17:

Setting up a Meta Ads campaign live showing how to sell course

Lesson 18:

How to integrate Lead Form with CRM using Zapier in Lead generation Campaigns

Lesson 19:

Creating Instagram custom Audience & Leveraging it to maximize results.

Here’s what previous mentees say about the program

Priya Patel

"I can't believe the impact this Facebook Ads course had on my business. It's packed with valuable insights and strategies that helped me 3x my revenue in just three months!"

Aryan Sharma

"TMN's Facebook Ads course is a game-changer. The step-by-step guidance and practical tips made a significant difference in our ad campaigns. Our ROI has gone through the roof!"

Rohit Mehta

"I was skeptical at first, but after taking this course, I realized it's the real deal. Within weeks, I saw a noticeable boost in engagement and conversions in my ecommerce business. It's a must for anyone serious about online advertising."

Sneha Gupta

"I've taken several online courses, but TMN's Facebook Ads course stands out. It's clear, concise, and filled with actionable advice. My ad costs have dropped by 37%, and my sales have."

Rajeev Kumar

"I can't thank TMN enough for this course. The support and guidance throughout were exceptional. I now run successful ad campaigns that consistently bring in quality leads and customers for my clients."

Pooja Singh

"The Facebook Ads course exceeded my expectations. It demystified the complex world of Facebook advertising. I've seen a 300% increase in website traffic, and my business is thriving with 1k+ monthly orders."

Arjun Desai

"TMN's course is worth every penny. It's not just about theory; it's practical and results-driven. Thanks to this course, my ecommerce business has gone from struggling to thriving in just 7 months."

Vipul Verma

"This course is a goldmine for anyone looking to master Facebook advertising. The strategies and tactics shared here are cutting-edge, and the results speak for themselves. My online store has 7x ROI after joinig this traning."

And that’s not all. If you register right away,

Here Are The Added Bonuses

Bonus 1: Lifetime Course Access

Bonus 2: Private Whatsapp Community

Bonus 3: How To Get High-paying Clients For Facebook Ads Services 

Bonus 4: To Be Announced

FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

1. What is this program about?

This program will help you KICKSTART your performance marketing journey.

It will help you understand the nitty-gritty involved in performance marketing.  Understand each component deeply. This program is designed to get you industry-ready in 8 weeks.

2. Is this a completely live program?

No. This is a hybrid of on-demand content and live sessions. Every week you will get access to on-demand content. And you can get all your doubts and queries answered in the QnA sessions.

3. Are there any prerequisites for this program?

1-to 2 years of experience in the marketing field is what we are looking at here + a willingness to provide time towards learning and exploring this high reward field.

4. What if I can’t make the live sessions?

The program is designed to work with your schedule. Although we highly encourage you to attend the live sessions it’s not a problem if you can’t.

You’re able to watch the session recordings and participate in discussions and feedback on the community forum.

4. What if I can’t make the live sessions?

The program is designed to work with your schedule. Although we highly encourage you to attend the live sessions it’s not a problem if you can’t.

You’re able to watch the session recordings and participate in discussions and feedback on the community forum.

5. How much access do I get to Deepan?

This program is all about upskilling, taking action, and getting industry-ready. 

In the 8 weeks of the program, you’ll learn all the important components of performance marketing including; fundamentals of performance marketing, creating copies that convert, creating value prop, advanced conversion tracking, understanding google and Facebook ads, media buying, and planning, understanding attribution and automation. 

6. What deliverables will I walk away with?

You’ll have complete access to the recorded content + 1 hour weekly interactions on weekends with Deepan.

We can’t promise that He will reply to every single message, but He will be active during the live sessions.

He will answer questions, provide feedback, and share his private notes to address common pain points.

7. Couldn’t I find this material online for free?

Yes, the internet is full of information but too much information can confuse and overwhelm you.The information on the internet is littered with excellent advice about performance marketing. With that said, the majority of what you find online is superficial.

It’s written by content marketers who are paid for mass appeal and quantity, not quality. Many of them are paid by the word, which means they have an incentive to rant and ramble.

Even if they give you the “right answer,” it’s not worth very much without the structure and support needed to implement what you learn strategically.

Rather than spending years of your precious life searching for and reading those articles, you will find the best information distilled here into a coherent and actionable framework.

This program is created by REAL practitioners, who understand the topic to its depth.

8. What kind of opportunities I can expect after the program?

When we talk about opportunities for performance marketers, there are a plethora of opportunities you can either choose to freelance or pick up a part-time or full-time role in any organization that best fits your interest.

9. I have a jam-packed schedule and I am not sure if I can make it, what do you suggest?

You will have access to the on-demand content to watch whenever you want. You will only need to get into the live sessions but even if you can’t make it, we provide all the recordings. So, mostly we expect you to put in 3-4 hours a week to complete the program successfully.